Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Finished WIP: Patchwork balls

I've got a number of projects on the go at the moment which means that I don't feel I'm making any real progress on any of them! This week I finished two patchwork balls I've been wanting to make since I did one for my friend's baby, so now that they're done, I thought I'd share some pics. Photos were taken using Instagram, which I just love!

The first ball is completely zebra print, and while I'm not really an animal print fan, I do quite like this fabric. Also, as babies don't see colours very well for the first few months I thought this might be nice for my little poppet when she's tiny. 

Two sleepy cats 'helping' do some sewing

The second ball is a mish-mash of random fabric scraps I had lying around. The good thing about patchwork is that you only need a tiny scrap of each fabric so it's a good way to use up your odds and ends.

Planning the layout, I was one patch short!

The fabrics I used on this one are all very feminine (as is 99% of my fabric stash!) so the finished ball is perfect for any girlie girl and I'm sure that when she is bigger, my little poppet will be playing with these as they're perfect 'indoor balls'.

What have you been making recently?

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