Thursday, 9 June 2011

WIP: Becoming a bona fide business lady

To date, my biggest (and possibly most scary) WIP is turning Princess Crafts into a proper fully functioning business that earns me some pennies and gives me the job satisfaction I deserve (and have yet to find in a 'proper' job).

For the last six months or so, I've been fannying thinking about with tons of ideas in my head about what I can do, could do, should do, want to do. I'm good with ideas but putting them into practice is sometimes a bit more tricky. It was time to give myself a kick up the bum. So, on 1st May I registered as self employed and now I have to do everything proper and not just diddle about here and there and actually make a huge concentrated effort to make it work. Eek!

I went to the local business development agency in Braintree and was mega surprised to see how helpful these peeps are to folk like me! There's so much support for new businesses out there, I never knew about. I had a chat with an advisor who helped me realise it was time to get my act together and do something about it. Double kick up the bum.

And now I'm doing a business start up course which is FREE! Five whole days of free expert advsie from loads of fab people who have been there, done that and made a business work!! Wowee!!

Yesterday was the first day and I learnt loads. Still got 4 days to go but it's exciting and by the end of it I should have a proper grown up business plan and some firmly set aims and objectives (and hopefully a clue how to go about trying to achieve them!).

Big fat book of things to learn about

Time to get thinking

Figuring out how many pennies I need to live on

Start putting a business plan together

My big fat notebook for important info to remember - a nice freebie from a Spa visit

So as far as a WIP this is my biggest undertaking so far and it will always be a WIP but that's ok because that's how a business should be. I want to be a proper business lady and I'm following my very own Yellow Brick Road to get there.

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