Thursday, 2 June 2011

WIP: Granny Squares - update

In a previous post I wrote about my progress on granny squares. Now that I've finished my giant granny square blanket, I'm ready to finish another WIP which has been on  hold for a while. I ran out of crochet cotton and so did the wool lady at the market where I bought it which meant zero progress was made for ages. I even lamented over the prospect that my blanket would never be finished...

But, after many trips to visit the wool lady, she's got the cotton back in stock so I grabbed as many as £8 would buy (they're only 50p a ball). Woohoo!! I'm just hoping I have enough now to get it finished.

I keep my crochet projects in a box in the living room ready to pick up as and when I get a chance.

I already had a pile of squares I made with the first lot of wool and I worked out a pattern for the blanket based on what I'd already made. The only problem is that now I've muddled up the old squares and the new squares and can't remember how many more I need to make. Oops.

I think I need to make 17 more of the blue/pink/blue/pink ones on the bottom left of this pic. Each square takes about 1 hour and so far I have 23 squares, so this really is a lengthy process. I'm not very good at making up my own patterns but I'm hoping it will come together nicely when it's ready to be stitched together.

What are you working on at the moment?

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