Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Garden Diaries

Yesterday I mentioned Mr PC is a bit green-thumbed and likes to grow fruit and veg. Well there's a whole page dedicated to his growing efforts! Go take a look and see what we've got growing in our garden.

This is what our garden looked like in 2008 when we moved into our house:

And this is what is looks like now!!

 You'd hardly believe it's the same space...


  1. Oh my goodness what a transformation!! Takes me back to the days of Ground Force.

    (In answer to your crochet question, I do crochet left handed. I am super duper left handed, I wouldn't even be able to hold the hook in my right hand let alone actually move it with any precision! It's unfortunate though as it means I can rarely help anyone else crochet because I can't explain what I do properly!)

  2. Yes it is a huge transformation, but it did take a bit longer than they did on Ground Force!

    Interesting re the crochet cos altho I do it right handed, I do most of the work with my left hand and just hold the hook in my right. Weird how we lefties find our own way of doing things sometimes!


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