Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mr PC runs the stall

Last Saturday I had a stall booked at a school PTA fair but managed to double book myself with my sister's hen night. I could only attend one event so obviously went to the hen night (I was organising it) which meant that my lovely Mr PC did the stall for me at the school!!

Not many hubbies would do that for their wifey so I am a lucky girl. Mr PC always comes to my events and helps me out so I wasn't concerned about him doing this one on his own altho I did think it might dent his street cred standing there with all my really girlie stuff, seeing as he works at the school! He didn't mind and actually had a pretty successful day! He even took pics of the stall with his fancy new camera, so here they are for you to admire:

Looks good doesn't it? Might get him to do some more stalls...

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  1. Good work Mr PC - hope you rewarded him suitably!


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