Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Ugly Side of Perfection

Recently in the blogging world, there have been murmurings about how blogs only shows the pretty/perfect/idyllic side of bloggers' lives and what an unrealisitc view readers get. To get what I mean, best read A Thrifty Mrs' blog posts and hte comments here and here.

This got me thinking about how blog readers only really get the image we as bloggers choose to portray. Nobody is perfect, and even 'showhomes' get dirty/untidy from time to time but no one is likely to read a blog that's all about how lazy you are with the housework and how crap your life really is.

In order to produce (hopefully) lovely photographs, I usually end up making the biggest mess ever. If I do a 'photo shoot' in the garden, all the chairs and pots need to move so they don't create unwanted shadows. If I take photos in the living room, all my ornaments/vases/candles get shoved out of the way in order to create the blank canvas on which I can place my items. If I take photos in my study then I have to shift all the junk paperwork off the desk. When I take photos for the Garden Diaries, I whiz round the garden tidying up the pots and take the washing line down first. And you can only imagine the state my dining room gets into when I have the sewing machine out! To create the look of tidiness, sometimes the only way to do it is by making a huge mess!

On this note, I thought I'd show you some 'behind the scenes' pics of what my living room looks like this week after Mr PC went to the school fair with all my wares. This stuff all lives up in the loft when it's not in use but for a number of excuses reasons, it's still lying around a week later. I will blame it on my busted up knee which has meant I can hardly stand or walk properly at the moment and therefore plenty of housework chores have gone undone.

Now, anyone who knows me will know that I am a tidy person and they'll probably think that my house is always spick and span. Well this is true to some extent, BUT sometimes life is too interesting for housework and I only do the dusting when we are having visitors!

So here, in all its untidy glory, is my living room!!

Opened boxes and stuff everywhere after a garden photoshoot

Half emptied drawers not put back together yet

Yes that is a mountain of ironing, and there's another lot hanging over the bannister!

Even Bubble is impressed with the mess!
So there it is, the reality of my bloggy 'perfection'!!

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