Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

... How lovely are thy branches!

I thought I would round up this Christmassy themed week with my piece de resistance - the Christmas tree!

I am the first to admit that I'm rather anal particular about the way my Christmas tree should look. It all starts with selecting the tree at the tree farm. It must be a minimum of 6 foot, the taller the better really but there must be room for the star on the top. It must be bushy and full from top to bottom with lots of branches. We have a tree stand that takes water which helps the tree last longer and you'd be surprised how much water it soaks up! Watering the tree daily is an absolute must, particularly if you put it up early.

Ready for dressing

The lights go on first and I always ensure to have the wire under the branches with the lights on the top, so they look as if there by magic. Then the tinsel goes on towards the middle of the tree so that it doesn't overtake the decorations themselves. This year I decided not to use tinsel at all and just use the red and gold beads. I'm trying something new and I think I like it without the tinsel! Mr PC, however is most displeased with me putting my foot down on the tinsel front. You can't please everyone...

Decorations at the ready!
I always unpack all the decorations and lay them on to trays according to their size before I start. I put the largest decorations on first and space them out across the tree. The 'special' decorations get pride of place so they can be shown off to their best. Then the smaller decorations go on and then the chocolate ones and candy canes go on last as these are the ones that come off the tree first!

The star goes on the top and the tree skirt gets laid around the bottom once it's all finished.

When decorating the tree last week I joked to Mr PC that I should write a book and call it 'The Only Way to Decorate a Christmas Tree'. He told me he didn't think it would sell very many copies. I can't think why...


  1. Well it looks lovely, so very much worth the effort you put into it.

    X x

  2. Haha I feel the same as you. I shake my head with disappointment at many trees - do people not understand the importance of good bauble placement?!

    I have my Mum to thank for my tree decorating skills - I wasn't really allowed to decorate the big Christmas tree because I'd put everything in the wrong place. So I watched and learned and now I'm pretty good if I say so myself. (She wasn't really awful, she got me my own tree that was out of sight in the kitchen that I was allowed to decorate myself!)

    I'm a non-tinsel user myself and I feel it makes for a classier affair.

    Excellent decorating skills!

  3. Where I was born tinsel doesn't come into it at all, it would be considered cheap and gaudy - but then we do have the most exquisite glass and crystal decorations available, that definitely helps...

  4. The Girl - Thank you, finally someone who knows where I'm coming from and doesn't think I'm nuts! My kids will have their own tree and not be allowed to touch 'mummy's tree'.

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one in the 'anti-tinsel' camp! The tree looksso much more sophisticated without it!!


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