Monday, 5 December 2011

Shake yer pom poms!

My current work in progress involves my new favourite toy - the clover pom pom maker. This wee gadget is addictively (is that a word?) fun to use and so quick! When I was little my granny used to make pom poms using the cardboard circles technique but when I tried this a few months ago it was a total woolly disaster. Enter the pom pom makers which I found on t'interwebs for £6! Now I'm merrily wrapping the wool, snipping it and tying it off before shrieking with delight at the fluffy pom pom results!

Pom poms are easy peasy with this gadget!

Christmassy pom poms

My original idea was to make a ton of red, white and green pom poms in various sizes to put in this lovely glass bowl...

They still need a quick trim before they're perfect
But since seeing a pom pom wreath on Etsy, I'm now making them for my very own wreath! A bit of pipe insulation taped into a circle shape and some red fabric to cover it with a ton of pom poms on top will look fabulous. And so Christmassy! Pics to follow when it's finished!

I'm toying with whether to have pom poms in the bowl too or sticking with the baubles and LED lights I originally earmarked for it. I don't want to do overboard on the pom poms (so not like me to go overboard, I never ever do that, no not me!) so I think I will have to decide once the wreath is made and the other decorations are out.

And, just to show that pom poms do come in other colours, I have made these to turn into a garland for a little girl's room. What 8 year old would not want pink and purple pom poms hanging across their room...? Well if she doesn't like them I'll hang them in my bedroom!

I will have to give these away as they're a Christmas pressie...

But then again, I might just keep them!

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  1. Oooh I've been toying with buying one of these pom pom makers for some time now. You might have just tipped me over the edge!


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