Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hooray! December is here!!!

I LOVE Christmas. There's no denying it. For me, nothing signifies the start of the Christmas period like a chocolate advent calendar. Yes, I may be a grown up but I still have a chocolate advent calendar. Where I come from, it is the law to have one, regardless of your age. I will still be having one when I'm an old granny. It's just not Christmas without that wee bit of chocolate everyday which you are legally obliged to have for breakfast. (I have been known to eat chocolate for breakfast on many many occasions, but that is technically illicit chocolate eating while advent chocolate for breakfast is nutritionally more acceptable) And it has to be a kiddie one, not a boring grown up version.

This year, I have a Me to You Bear one and Mr PC has a Milky Bar one. I have even replaced my regular calendar with the chocolate one, so it's taking pride of place in my office where it will distract me about 7,693 times a day every day until the last box is open, the last choccie has been scoffed and Santa is on his way!


Mr PC's

And, just to make sure we have the whole countdown to Christmas covered, we also have an advent candle  and another (non-chocolate) calendar which my mum gave us.

Posh advent candle from Laura Ashley

While writing this, I have realised that I'll be away from home 12-16 Dec so now I have a quandry: What to do about my advent responsibilities??? Do I take the calendar with me? Do I empty the boxes out and let myself have one choc each day I'm away? Do I eat them all when I get back? What to do, what to do...

NB. This is a scheduled post hence the first box of the calendar not being opened. Rest assured that by the time you're reading this, the chocolate has been eaten and the candle burned down to number 2!

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