Monday, 22 August 2011

Behold the vintage beauty!

A few months ago I showed you a vintage sewing box which was a total impulse investment buy for me. Well, it has finally had its interior makeover with a bit of neon pink fablon! The fablon was a nightmare to find as apparently the company that makes it has gone bust, but thanks to eBay Mr PC found me some. I originally wanted a flowery or stripey pattern but choice was limited and so when in doubt, go pink!

Now all I need to do is reoganise all my sewing and crafting supplies! 


  1. Ooooo how exciting, is it sad that I would find this a really fun job to do? I love re-organising things, I always end up finding things that I forgot I had as well :)xxx

  2. Not sad at all! I'm quite looking forward to having a tidy out and reorganise my stuff. It's like playing in a toy box!

  3. Ooooh Kerry it's GORGEOUS! I do need one of those. Can't wait to get stuck into some Battlesbridge antiquing over the bank holiday! Do show us a piccy of the sewing box full of scrumptious supplies...


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