Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Food, food mixers and fabric

Hello! Hope the bank holiday was delightful for you, we had a lovely three days off. The weather was dubious here in Braintree but we had a good one anyway and even managed to have a bbq and eat outside (considering the schockingly bad weather this summer, I felt this was worth a special mention)!

Mr PC and I treated ourselves to an early anniversary celebration and went to Jamie's Italian in Cambridge and stuffed our faces with some great Italian food. I was majorly disappointed that they had run out of calamari before I got to place my order, but the tiramisu was pretty good so I forgave them in the end! Next time, I'm ordering the calamari ahead of my arrival!

While we were in Cambridge, we mooched the shops and spent a while in John Lewis which has to be one of my fave shops for browsing. There's something about John Lewis that makes me want to spend money I don't have... The Kitchen Dept always makes me swoon and I have decided that the Birthday Fairy should bring me this for my birthday this year:

Glittery metallic pink Kitchen Aid? Yes please! *swoon*

I NEED this in my kitchen. I actually stood in the shop and stroked it until the shop assistant asked me if I was alright...

While in the Haberdashery Dept - obligatory on any visit to John Lewis - I happened upon some lovely gold striped jersey fabric which I picked up (half price) for a wee project I found on Pinterest. Pics to follow at a later date. I also grabbed some cute fat quarters which are destined to become something special. I can't tell you what as it may be a pressie for someone, if I can bear to part with it, that is! But here's a pic so you can swoon over it just like I did.

Now it's Tuesday but it feels like Monday and I think I'm suffering Post Bank Holiday Depression, so I'm off to pick up the crochet hook to cheer me up.

PS. Speaking of crochet hooks, I sold my first giant crochet hook on Etsy yesterday, woohoo! Why not buy one and make a gianr crochet project?

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  1. I need this in my life too! I just googled it to swoon over it some more and came across your blog....ah maybe a lottery win tonight would cover one for me and for you lol! xxx


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