Friday, 26 August 2011

I'm sew organised

Earlier in the week I posted about my (finally) finished sewing box, and the lovely Kath requested some pics once it was full.

Well I got my Organiser Hat on and tidied up my stash last night and got most of it neatly into the sewing box. I was like a pig in poo...

full to the brim with crafting goodies

staple gun, staples, pliers, mini screwdrivers, scissors, string, studs

buttons, bobbins, needles, pins, beads and button maker. fyi the pink pin cushion velcros to the sewing machine!

jar of spare buttons for clothes I prob don't have any more

jar full of ric rac and yes it does say 'fluff' on it!

I've pretty much fitted everything I wanted to into this lovely vintage storage solution. It's not really a 'sewing box' but more of a 'crafting box'. I still have my small sewing basket for threads and scissors etc but this big box now houses all my other paraphenalia. The down side is that the sewing machine pedal doesn't fit but Mr PC has promised to make an insert box which will sit on the bars at the bottom, thereby giving me even more space!

How do you store all your crafty equipment?

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh Kerry that is actual crafting porn!!!

    Happy weekending chick x


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