Friday, 12 August 2011

Finished WIP: Hoopla Mat

This has been my quickest crochet project in a while and I must say I'm rather pleased with it! In my last post I mentioned that I ran out of yarn, well after a rethink I unpicked it all and started again but this time making the mat in a circle.

At first I was having problems getting it to be flat as it was turning out to be rather bowl-shaped but after finding this video on YouTube I figured out where I was going wrong. So here it is, the finished article!

I took it along to Knit and Natter on Wednesday and as there is a bit of counting involved, I had to unpick a few times cos counting and chatting at the same time is a bit tricky! I was also running out of yarn, so the last round is actually just a round of double crochet instead of the trebles that the other round are made of. And in true irritating style, I ran out of yarn with just 4 stitches to go! AARRGGHH! But I don't think it notices too much really, so hey, ho!

In hindsight, I think the mat would have been a lot bigger if I had used a smaller hook as I used an 18mm (the one Mr PC made me). I think I could have used a 10 or 12mm and got a few more rounds in. So lesson learned for next time!

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