Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Guest Post on Wild Olive

Today's post is actually over on Wild Olive and it is my very first guest post!

I'm currently sponsoring Mollie's blog (check her out, she's ACE!) and as part of the sponsorship she includes all her sponsors in different themes and giveaways each month. The theme this week is friendship and I had a good idea for a post so thought I would write something for her. When it came to writing it, the post ended up being about something else entirely but that's ok cos sometimes that's the best kind of writing.

I don't usually draft and re-draft my writing but I must say that I did really think about setting the right tone with this piece. I wanted it to be uplifting more than anything else and I did have those creeping feelings of doubt as I pressed 'send'. Now that it's published, I think I got it right after all and I'm rather pleased with it.

So click here to read my post titled The Value of Good Friendship and I welcome your thoughts and comments, good, bad or indifferent.

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