Thursday, 10 March 2011

Feeding the addiction

Look what came in the post today!!

I ordered it immediately upon reading The Girl's post about  making a crochet cushion. Seeing that gorgeous cushion made me want one of my own!! The phrase ''see it, want it'' comes to mind...

So many scrummy patterns to choose from, I've no idea where to start but it will be fun deciding. It's a bit like getting a really good cookbook and spending aaaaages looking at the recipes before knowing which to try first. (or is it just me that does that?)

Another crochet inspiration comes from the lovely card that The Girl sent me a while ago. I definitely want to try this one for myself!!

 How cute are those flowers??!! Every time I look at this card, it makes my day, for many different reasons. And what a fab way to use up the little odd bits of wool you end up with. Waste not want not!

So this post is dedicated to The Girl, someone whose blog I eagerly read each day (in a non-stalkerish way) and also one of the reasons I'm developing this (possibly unhealthy?) obsession with crochet!

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  1. Oh wow thank you so much that's so nice! It's most definitely an addiction - I hope you're aware of what you've unleashed!


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