Thursday, 24 March 2011

Vintage Sewing Box to the rescue!

As my sewing adventure continues, I'm accummulating more and more supplies. You know the kind of thing, multiple pairs of scissors, pins, needles, cotton thread, buttons etc etc. My lovely pink sewing box is not too small for my burgeoning collection, and some of the larger items have migrated to a white gift bag.

A few weeks ago while stitching up some tea cosies, I resolved to find a larger home for all my tools. The next day I went to a crochet workshop which was held in a vintage homeware shop. On the way out after the class, what should I see but this!

A vintage sewing box!! I instantly had a 'love it, want it' moment and purchased it immediately. Sewing box, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...

Now, I don't really like wood of this colour, but for this I make an exception. It is in perfect condition and all is needs is a prettier set of wheels and some new drawer liners and it will be perfect.

It's actually huge inside and will be big enough to house all my sewing praraphenalia which means I can still use the pink box for the essentials, and have a bit more order so everything is to hand when I need it. 

Squeak also likes the new sewing box!


  1. You have a lot of cute projects here, looking forward to reading your blog posts!

  2. Thank you very much *blush*. There are lots more ideas in the pipeline, inc a website so watch this space!


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