Monday, 14 March 2011

Flowers in a teacup

I'm always thinking of new things to do with the china that I find, and after seeing a fellow tweeter's beautiful website, I was inspired to create some mini flower arrangements.

This is a rather large teacup which I feel is too big to become a candle, so I bought some oasis in the florist and popped some roses into it! I always have flowers in the house, whether they be cheap and cheerful ones out the supermarket or ones my Hubby buys me (I am a lucky lady to have a hubby who buys flowers most weeks). Sometimes I get bored just popping them in a vase, so I think this is a really cute idea!

The oasis was really cheap and I managed to buy small pieces that are already round shaped. This meant that I only had a little wastage, and as the second cup I used was quite small, I only needed one oasis cut in half  for both cups!

I arranged the roses in a circle around the edge of the cup but quite close together and then used the largest rose for the middle. The gypsophila is perfect for filling in the gaps and adding a bit of depth and texture.

I ran out of roses halfway through this one so used some pink carnations I had. This teacup might turn out to be a birthday pressie for my Nan-in-Law next month...

I also have a super cute teapot and a sugar bowl which might be my next experiment!

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