Wednesday, 2 March 2011

WIP: Cafetiere cosy

Last weekend, I found a wool stall at the Chelmsford market and purchased some crochet cotton at a bargainous price of 50p for a 50g ball!

I'm fed up with the cheap and nasty wool that came free with that crochet mag so I decided to give this ago.

I love it!! It's so soft and quite fine in comparison to the yarn. So many colours to choose from but I opted for pink, navy and turquoise. These three colours look great together.

After a trial run to see what it was like to work with (much easier than the thick yarn I was using) I decided to crochet a cafetiere cosy.

As I can only do straight lines at the moment, it will be pink and turquoise stripey. So far it is looking good and I can't wait to see how it looks once it's finished! And it will have only cost a £1 to make :)


  1. Love it!! What a bargain as well, well done you. I agree, the stuff you get free with magazines, tends to be free for a reason - although I did keep mine and ended up using it when I was making the cards with the crochet flowers on!

  2. The free wool was good to practice on but this new stuff I found is WAY better! I have now finished the crocheting on the cafetiere jacket and just wondering how to finish it off. The crochet flower cards are brilliant and can't wait to have a go doing one myself!


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