Monday, 23 January 2012

Finished WIP: Ribbed cushion

A while ago I posted about a ribbed cushion I was working on, well it has been finised for a week or two now but I've been waiting for a bright sunny day to take some pics. So far that hasn't happened so I grabbed the 'big camera' and had a go at getting at least one good pic. It's amazing what a difference a DSLR can make over a bog standard point and shoot handbag-sized camera!

Clartered in cat hair - the cats love this one!

The ribbed side came out rather well but I didn't have enough to make the other side the same. So I pondered on what to do and decided to make it a basket weave pattern in a chunky cream. 


This stitch looks tricky but it's actually quite simple. I saw a great tutorial on Pinterest which got me off to a good start. I think  I will be making blankets and all sorts of other items with this stitch!

It's a nice chunky cushion which has become a firm favourite on the sofa. The only problem is that cat hair sticks to it and refuses to come off!

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