Friday, 6 January 2012

Making space

I got some great kitchen related pressies for Christmas, including a refurbished Sunbeam Mixmaster (from 1954!) which Mr PC repaired, resprayed and even put my name on!

And I got a brand new food processor and several cake tins and cake decorating equipment. 

On Boxing Day I looked at all my new stuff and wondered where on earth we were going to put it all! Our kitchen is tiny boutique and space is at a premium! Cue Mr PC who suggested he could build some extra drawers underneath the existing cabinets. After a couple of days of measuring, sawing, screwing and banging this is what he made:

All the various attachments for my mixers and processors fit in here!

A bits and bobs drawer

This one's full of cake tins!

The top drawer here is one we put in a couple of years ago and it houses the baking trays for the oven

Three fab drawers (and yes that really is the size of my kitchen!)

How about that then?! What genius use of otherwise wasted space! We can't believe it took us this long to think of it!! In an ideal world we would have a much larger kitchen or at least we would refit it so the cupboards are better distributed but we haven't won the lottery yet. In the meantime these drawers will make life easier!

And on the subject of kitchen storage, I thought I'd share a pic of a pan rack which we installed as soon as we moved in. It's great for hanging the pans and all the random things that don't fit in the cupboards! When you have a piddly small kitchen, every inch of space is needed and this does it perfectly!!

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  1. Wow, I see you have my kitchen! Although mine has even less space and it just so happens that today we'll be looking at new kitchens so thank you for this brainwave.


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