Monday, 16 January 2012

Random Pics

Is it me or is January a really long month? On the one hand this is good because I decided to give myself a (much needed) break from a number of things in January. But on the other hand, January is rather a dreary month and at times it feels like it's just dragging on. Shouldn't complain really, as the weather has been quite nice considering the time of year. Cold, but mainly sunny so it's staving off those January Blues everyone keeps talking about.

I've not been doing much crafting really, but there are a lot of ideas ruminating in my mind and once these have formed themselves into something, I'll be sharing what my plans will be! Most evenings and a lot of the weekends so far this year have been spent curled up on the couch watching the telly box and doing some crochet. Utter bliss and such a change from the hectic few months I've had since October! I did want to share a random selection of photos which kind of sum up the goings on of the last couple of weeks.

Teaching myself to basket weave crochet

Fatty Bums admiring my new knitting bag

The nicest shop bought biccies I've tried in a while

Finished my basket weave crocheted cushion

Found a box of Vienetta in the freezer I didn't know was there!

Chocolate cake in a sandwich shaped tin
Teeny weeny pom poms

Rediscovered an old favourite

Normal service may resume shortly, I'm not sure yet. I'm quite liking taking a break from it all and pootling about doing nothing in particular.


  1. Oooh I'm liking the basket weave crochet, I had a how-to video cued up to watch but have never got around to it.

    I totally used to have that mug too!

    1. The basket weave is really easy, it just looks complicated. Def worth a try!


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