Monday, 4 April 2011

Bonnie Scotland is where my heart is

My lack of blog posts recently is largely due to a trip to the homeland (Scotland) which was great fun and jam packed with activity! It wasn't a relaxing break (too busy to relax), but it was a welcomed change of scenery and I had the chance to visit some of my fave places. Sadly, Hubby had to stay at home in Essex to do that thing grown ups call 'work'...

Here's a few pics from my trip away:

I don't remember where this is, but it was a stunning view nonetheless!

Bill (left) and Fred (right)

Pitenweem - where my Granny was born

Pitenweem again

I also had a lovely day in Edinburgh, where I feel most at peace and 'at home', the reasons for this are numerous and that's a whole other story which I might share one day. The weather was fabulous (considering the time of year) and I had such a lovely time  I was too busy to take any pics, oops!

I'm back now and got a super busy week ahead before my first ever Havering Handmade on Sat 9th. More info on that to come soon.

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