Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jumping on the Royal Wedding bandwagon

How many times in our lifetime will we see a proper Royal Wedding?? I say 'proper', cos loads of Royals have got married in recent years, but how many of them are a) 2nd in line to the throne and b) marrying a regular girl with no title of her own therefore turning the 'girl next door' into a real life princess?

Just about everyone is cashing in on the Royal Wedding at the moment. Some are doing it out of pure greed to see what money they can make out of some cheap and nasty tatt but many are doing it in celebration of such a great event which comes around once in a blue moon. (Please note I am part of the second group!)

In celebration of what will be The Wedding of The Year, I have created two lovely items: a teacosy and a shopping bag!

The Tea Cosy

Many people will be having street/garden/tea parties to celebrate Prince William's nuptials, so I thought it would be very fitting to make a tea cosy using the Royal Wedding Fabric from Makower. You can't get any more quintessentially British than a tea cosy...

I bought both the navy print and the cream print and they are both equally lovely. Theses tea cosies will look fabulous on any afternoon tea, even after the wedding! If you'd like one, you can purchase it here.

The Shopping Bag

Plastic bags are ugly. There, I said it. I have always thought this and now more than ever, I am always on the look out for lovely new bags to carry my shopping in. I love saying "It's alright, I don't need a bag" and then whipping out the latest addition to my burgeoning bag collection (many people have asked me about my bag of choice, the most popular being my Dirty Dancing bag, but that is another story!).

So naturally, as soon as I saw the Royal Wedding fabric, I thought 'that would make a fab bag!'.

If you want one of thes royal bags for yourself, then pop over to my wee Etsy shop!


  1. Amazing!! Argh stop with the temptation - I can't get any more Royal Wedding themed things, I'm like a crazed woman!

  2. Not meaning to tempt you further, but they are 'limited edition'! Only a few made so grab one while you can...!


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