Thursday, 28 April 2011

Preparation is key...

Today I am preparing for a wedding - the Royal Wedding - if you're a miserable old bore who hates the Royal Wedding, best not read any further. You have been warned!

Only 48hrs to go and I'm in the midst of baking up a royal storm for my Royal Wedding Tea Party!! There will be all sorts of deliciousness on offer and I am making traditionally British cakes. Usually my baking has an American style, so I thought I'd go a bit British for such a grand occasion. I'm making a Victoria Sandwich and a Battenburg which are both very regal cakes designed especially for the Royals of their time. I have never made either of these so it could be interesting! My mum is making scones and a coconut cherry slice which are also some of my top faves and quite British too. Not bothering with sandwiches cos who wants them over cake? Not me!

I'm also polishing my 'royal' vintage teacups - Royal Albert, Royal Worcester, Royal Vale, Royal Stafford etc - we shall be drinking our tea in quintessentially British style, with teapots and proper sugar bowls and jugs of milk too!

Everyone is to dress as though attending a wedding and we shall be sipping Champagne and Pimms after the ceremony, which we'll be watching on the telly box. It'll be a rather civilised affair, and I'm quite looking forward to it!

NB. I am not in the least bit 'British' and don't really celebrate the monarchy, but a Royal Wedding is a great excuse for a party and every party needs a theme!!

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