Tuesday, 19 April 2011

WIP: Crochet blanket

In addition to all the projects I'm making for my Etsy shop and craft fair stalls, I have a few works in progress for myself. Currently I am working on a blanket, and it's taking ages!

This is what it looks like at the moment:

It currently measures about 55cmx55cm but it needs to be a lot bigger, I'm thinking at least twice the size, but I won't know how big I want it to be until I see it. 

I was inspired by this blanket, which we gained ownership of when we adoopted our two cats last November. (thank you to the Cats Protection League) I really liked this blanket and upon inspection I realised it's just a giant granny square, so I thought 'I can do that!'

As my blanket gets bigger and bigger, progress seems to be slower as at the moment it's taking me about an hour to do a whole round, so that's a lot of stitches!!

The best part about this (soon to be massive) granny square blanket is that it has not cost me a penny! More about that in tomorrow's post though.

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