Tuesday, 12 April 2011


...for Havering Handmade!!

It was a gorgeous day and everyone was so cheerful and happy to be there, it was lovely. I think the sunshine makes everyone feel good. I met some new people and some familiar faces were there too. The crafting community is so friendly!

The other stalls had such gorgeous things on them that I spent most of the morning coveting at least one thing from each one! I particularly loved a handbag made from vintage Japanese kimono silk but I managed to resist making any purchases. Actually, that's a lie. I did buy two cupcakes. It would have been rude not to. And Hubby and I needed something for elevenses. Hubby did buy some sausages from the Giggly Pig, but they don't count as he paid for those!

For my own stall, I invested in a cute pink clothes rail on which to hang my scarves and bags, and it worked quite well as it allowed more space on the table for the other items I had. The feedback was great and we made some sales too which is always a bonus! I still love seeing people like my things enough to pay actual money for them to take them home! That is a pretty cool feeling.

And to finish off, here are a few pics from the day:

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