Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Innocent Vintage Arcade Fun

Hope you had a lovely Easter holiday weekend. We Mr PC and I had a great time and have amassed a good selection of chocolate (altho he did forget to buy me an Easter egg, but the less said about the better...). We had a most lovely Easter Sunday out together where we happened upon a great little craft fair/fete/garden sale in the middle of nowhere which was well worth the £2 entry. Have you ever gone to an event and said 'It better be good'? Well this is what we said when the lady at the gate said 'That's 4 quid please'. And we were not disappointed!!

The first thing we saw was a Slush Puppie stall, a real Slush Puppie stall, not the modern rubbish excuse for a slushie you get these days. Mr PC was overcome with indecision when trying to choose which flavour to have. The second thing we saw was a brilliant old fashioned fairground. There were Chair- o-Planes (my all time fave), a mini train, seesaw boats and then the best bit for Mr PC was the arcade games. These games were seriously old school, they even had the prices in shillings and pence, that's how old they were! Some of them didn't work but we didn't mind as they were only 2p (or a half penny) a go. My fave was the fortune teller where you put your money in and choose a question for it to answer. The brilliant questions reflect the innocent times of this game. Delightful! It's times like these that I love my iPhone (other clever phones are available) best, as I got some good snaps of these great arcade games.

Fortune Teller



Choo Choo Train

Seesaw Boats

We had a good wander and then felt disappointed to have missed out on having a stall for Princess Crafts as we didn't know about this rather cool event. Ah well, there's always next time! We had a great time as a visitor and bought some herbs and other plants for our garden which made Mr PC very happy. But the best purchase of the day has got to be the £3 for a large glass of Pimms which I had instead of a slushie. Happy days! 

Roll on the Pimms Season!!

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