Friday, 22 April 2011

WIP: Princess Crafts Website

Anyone who's been reading my blog for a while might know that I've reached the stage of needing to decide whether to continue with Princess Crafts as a hobby or to try to make it work as a business. I've opted for the latter and so here I am in the midst of getting myself organised and starting to wear my business hat just as often as my creative hat!

A big work in progress (for a long time now) has been the Princess Crafts website. This is how it's looking so far and I'm quite pleased with it. There's still work to be done on it (namely the homepage which has got me stumped for the minute) but it will grow with me as I grow my business and so it will always be a work in progress.

I've opted for a clean and simple style, along he lines of what this blog is about and I think it works well. Please go take a look and let me know your thoughts, but most of all, please share it with everyone you know! I would really appreciate that :)

Have a lovely Easter weekend full of fun, frolics and chocolate!!

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